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My circus activities - a long , creative process , as well as the experience gained by us on regular tours around the world.

20 years in the field of Art bring me the idea to ​​creating a website for artists , representatives of festive services , agents and our public

" Art does not sell , exchange arts "

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George Borro Jr.

Magic tricks, juggling, pantomime, animation, balancing act, circus animals, animal balls (modeling), soap bubbles, mini-disco, laser and water games, quizzes, holiday lotteries, micromages, magic tricks at the tables.

Roles: Clown, Mime, Pirate, Superman, Gift, Santa Claus, Wizard Mage, Tuxedo.

Services: Transportation of artists and props, rental of festive decorations and attributes, a trick and circus shop, training and courses on juggling, pantomime, magic tricks, balancing act, animation.

The proposed entertainment and services for your holiday designed and created by Art service by CircusBorro

Gallery 2010-2019


More offers

Lazer games

Inflatable barricades,light and sound effects in laser games.Mobile laser tag anywhere in your birthdyas parties and children,s parties.


Magician for your events

Invite the magician to your celebration. Micromagic and levitation, mathematical tricks and predictions, the participation of the audience.
An artist who has performed on 7 continents will surprise you too!
75 euro/15min

Table Tricks and Fun

Surprise your guests and visitors with unique tricks at the tables and a small performance on stage.


Full set of lottery shares for rent or for your parties.


Activities and trainings:
Juggling, pantomime, tricks, animation.

10euro/1,5h/book lesson

Clown Dzem for kids parties

Clown Dzem, and his oroginal unforgetable parties. Celebration moments with birthday cake,bubble performance,baloons and small fireworks.
50 euro/45 min

Circus Arena

A circus arena for city and mass holidays is offered.Including arena carpet 1 colour for your choice(green or red)as well artist backstage and transportation in Riga.
380 euro/h/book.

Mini Disco and Superhero-Juggler

A superhero is at a party. Games, a mini-discotheque and a juggler show from a Superhero.
All this can be on a holiday for the smallest in kindergartens for birthdays and children parties.
40 euro/15min/book.

Ready homeless party!

Ready-made offer with actors, hosts and sets.
Competitions Madagascar cockroaches-cockroach racing.
Ready tote and entertainment for corporate parties and events.
Attention! Having ordered on the website through the gallery of services we will provide a special offer.
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