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Features and instructions for the system for students of the Borro school.

Lessons of juggling and pantomime.

Courses for beginner animators and magicians.

We carry out group and individual classes. Register, sign up by e-mail or call. We will teach reactions, agility, accuracy, basic skills for acquiring skills in these disciplines.

We teach everyone. We organize individual classes for groups in kindergartens, schools, apartments.

We prepare jugglers for speaking in public, we will help with creating a number from an idea to an embodiment. Additional opportunities, training in plastic, pantomime or animotra craft.

Teachers: Experience over 25 years, getting a professional school of excellence from the great masters of the past and present.

We will help in any of your questions, doubts, wishes - in acquiring knowledge in these disciplines. Call, write, always welcome beginner talents.

Juggling is a very fun and useful activity. It not only develops dexterity and endurance, but also has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system. Juggling activates the interaction of both hemispheres of the brain, which stimulates the creative process. We will teach you where to start, and if you wish we will bring it to records.

The ancient art of pantomime - the art of saying a lot without saying a word - is experiencing its second youth these days. More and more amateur art studios and pantomime groups are emerging in our country.
The practical development of specific pantomime techniques will allow us to further develop facial expression and body plastic. The Borro circus school comes from the legendary Enrico Rastelli-Russified Italian, the founder of the modern juggler school, his student Nikolai Kiss, and the children of Nikolai, Alexander and Violetta Kiss, the teacher George Borro Sr., who now has his own school.

The art of working miracles.
We offer you to learn several tricks and actions in order to please your child and his guests on holidays. A course of 6 hours / 3 lessons price of 90 euros.
Includes inventory from a magic trick store and certificate.

We will prepare animators for working with children. We also prepare animators for an adult audience.

Details and lesson schedules.

You can order classes in your Pupil profile or register if you FIRST TIME want to start studying with us.

How to log in / register / start?

  1. In the Login menu or in the top panel from the drop-down list, select what you want to be a Student. Enter your name, email and click Register.
  2. After successful completion, the system will confirm by e-mail that you are a new student or will warn you if you are already registered on our portal.
  3. Check your e-mail. After authorization in the system, manually through the top panel or from an e-mail enter your student’s office (s), use the replenishment section.

    Prices and time classes can be found in the School menu, class schedule.
  4. Indicate the amount for which you wish to replenish or use the proposed options.
  5. Fill in all the fields.
  6. Be sure to include class dates in the explanation.
  7. Click the recharge button through the administrator.
  8. In the e-mail that came to your mail, transfer according to the parameters specified in it.
  9. Expect credits.
  10. If classes on the dates indicated by you are confirmed on our part, credits will be credited to you (electronic money from the Art-Service system). If not confirmed, we will offer you possible dates.
  11. Expect class dates (with 100% guaranteed classes).
  12. You will be informed by SMS about confirmation or transfer to another possible day.
  13. Wait for your arrival or come to a paid lesson, depending on your choice.

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